Rahul Gandhi Friday accused Twitter of “interfering in the national political process”

by Politics | 14-08-2021 | 150 views

Calling Twitter biased, the Congress leader said, “Our democracy is under attack. We are not allowed to speak in Parliament. The media is controlled. And I thought there was a ray of light where we could put what we thought on Twitter. But obviously, that's not the case."

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi Friday accused Twitter of “interfering in the national political process”, saying the suspension of his handle amounted to an “attack on the country’s democratic structure”.

In a video statement on YouTube titled “Twitter’s dangerous game”, Gandhi alleged that the microblogging site was not a neutral or objective platform and was “beholden to the government”.

The Congress leader said Indians need to ask whether companies “beholden to the government” could define their politics for them.

“By shutting down my Twitter they are interfering in our political process. A company is making its business define our politics. And as a politician I don’t like that,” he said.

Terming the temporary suspension as an “attack on the democratic structure of the country”, Gandhi said, “This is not an attack on Rahul Gandhi. This is not you know simply shutting Rahul Gandhi down. I have 19-20 million followers. You are denying them the right to an opinion. That’s what you are doing.”

Twitter temporarily suspended Gandhi’s account last week. This was after a notice from the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), asking it to act against the Congress leader’s handle for tweeting pictures of the family of a minor victim of alleged rape and murder in Delhi last week. The NCPCR had cited the juvenile justice law that mandates the privacy of minor victims.

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