Won't allow 'the imposed war' on Afghans to bring further killings; Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani

by International | 14-08-2021 | 215 views

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani said he will not allow “the imposed war” on Afghans to bring further killings, loss of the gains of past 20 years, destruction of public property and continued instability, he says in his first televised address to the nation since Taliban advance.

The Taliban captured Logar province, situated less than 80 kilometres south of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Saturday, reported The Associated Press. Homa Ahmadi, a lawmaker from Logar, claimed the Taliban now controlled the entire province including its capital, and had even reached a district in the neighbouring Kabul province.

Fears are growing that an assault on the capital city of Kabul could be near. The political situation is unfolding rapidly in Kabul, and there is speculation of a change in leadership, perhaps a power-sharing arrangement that will stop bloodshed. 




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