Taliban: china recognizes Taliban, seeks solution through talks with Pakistan

by International | 16-08-2021 | 667 views

Beijing: Taliban recognized by China. China has made it clear that it is ready for friendship with the Taliban. China is the first country in the world to recognize the Taliban. Pakistan, meanwhile, has called for a negotiated solution to the Afghan conflict. The Pakistani foreign minister said the issue should be resolved through talks. Pakistan has said it will not push the Afghan people into civil war.

Behind the policies?

There are several factors behind the soft policy adopted by the Taliban, including Pakistan and China. The Taliban were fed by Pakistan and their intelligence agencies, the ISI and China, after the Taliban received US secret aid. Both countries encouraged all their dirty plans.With the return of the Taliban, it will be much easier to target Taliban militant groups in countries including India. That is why China recognizes the Taliban when the whole world opposes it. It is a threat to India that the Pakistani Taliban can easily shovel them.

What will America do?

It is questionable what NATO's stance on the issue is. There is no doubt that if the US and the European Union impose sanctions on Afghanistan, it will again be a headache for the Taliban.

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