Afghanistan: President Ghani and his family are granted asylum in the UAE

by Gulf | 18-08-2021 | 349 views

Kabul: The UAE has granted asylum to President Ashraf Ghani and his family, who fled the country after the Taliban captured Afghanistan. The UAE says he and his family were granted asylum on humanitarian grounds.

But it is not clear where Ghani is now in the country. Ghani, who fled Afghanistan, was not allowed to enter Tajikistan. and also there were reports that he was going to the United States.

Rumors of the president’s whereabouts have been circulating since Ghani’s abrupt departure over the weekend. According to the Russian embassy in Kabul, the head of state tried to flee with so much cash that it did not fit in his helicopter and part of it had to be left behind at the airport.

Ghani left Afghanistan as the Taliban approached the capital. It is not clear which way he traveled to the United Arab Emirates or when he got there.



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