NTA Releases OMR Sheet For NEET 2021

by Education | 21-08-2021 | 229 views

NTA has released a sample of OMR sheet for students to get an idea of how the NEET answer sheet will look like. The NTA NEET OMR sheet will let a medical aspirant know how to fill the OMR sheet in NEET. NEET 2021 will be held on September 12 in pen and paper mode in 202 cities across the country and abroad. To download the OMR sheet for NEET 2021, students can check the website -- neet.nta.nic.in.

How To Fill OMR Sheet In NEET: NTA Guidelines

  • Use only blue or black ball point pen to darken the circles in the NEET OMR sheet. Do not tamper or scratch the OMR sheet in NEET as these are evaluated by computer software and any scratch may lead to rejection.
  • Applicants are advised not to write anything else on the OMR sheets or make any specific symbol or sign.
  • Boxes to write names of the applicants, their parents’ names are provided.
  • The NTA OMR sheet for NEET also has a declaration column.
  • The candidates will have to sign with time in running handwriting in the declaration column.
  • The NEET examinees must make sure that the code printed on the OMR sheet for NEET is the same as that on the NEET 2021 test booklet.
  • Along with marking the answers, specific spaces or boxes are provided in the OMR sheets to fill information like roll numbers, test booklet numbers and test booklet codes.

Candidates are advised not to fill in more than one option for any of the questions because there is only one answer.

Answers in the NEET OMR sheet should be marked in the appropriate spaces against the number corresponding to the question

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