Qatar Ranks Second for Covid vaccination

by Gulf | 24-08-2021 | 321 views

Doha: International recognition to Qatar for the Advance in Accelerated Covid Vaccination Procedures. About 80 per cent of those in the country have received the covid vaccine. After all, Qatar is the highest percentage of the population which Ranked second in the world among countries for vaccination. 

Qatar ranks second internationally for covid vaccination according to the vaccination data status determined by the publication of 'Our World In Data'.The country ranks second on list of vaccine recipients in account of population.The percentage of people who received the vaccine in a single dose was 92.3%. 

Only those over 12 years of age who are eligible to receive the vaccine, the percentage is calculated in proportion to the number. Countries with a population of over 20 million have two doses. And Qatar , Fifth place in the list of those who have been fully vaccinated. 

More procedures has been established for the country's complete vaccination drive which is an agreement that has been sought at the international level. About 79.8 percent of Qatar's population received one dose of vaccine and with estimatiom of 68.9 percent received both doses. The total number of doses distributed increased to 42.52 lakh.


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