India - Kuwait International Flights from Tomorrow

by Gulf | 25-08-2021 | 287 views

Kuwait City: Direct flights from India to Kuwait will resume on Thursday. Permission to start international flights to Kuwait is from six countries, including India, came into effect on Tuesday. The Kuwait Civil Aviation Authority has also issued new guidelines in this regard.

The notification has been issued to those who have been vaccinated inside and outside Kuwait. Both nationals who have completed the vaccination, foreigners with a valid residence record, and new visa holders who have been vaccinated must apply for the Covid RTPCR within 72 hours. The result should be taken care with the passengers and with a registration in the Shlonik app. They must go under a seven-day home quarantine.

After three days, the quarantine can be terminated if the Covid test is negative.Those who did not receive the vaccination received a special waiver , should take a Covid RTPCR within 72 hours. Consider the result and register with the Shlonik app. In addition, they are required to have a seven-day hotel quarantine followed by a seven-day home quarantine.

The first PCR test should be done within 24 hours of arrival in Kuwait and the second PCR test on the sixth day. The cost of these has to be paid through Mumbai Kuwait Muzaffar App before reaching Kuwait. Meanwhile, those who arriving on a domestic visa must register with the Bilsalama app and complete other travel requirements.

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