Rahul is a failed dynast who speak his about failed journey-Smriti Irani

by Politics | 12-09-2017 | 440 views

The BJP on Tuesday lashed out at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi following his jibe on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his governance during his address at University of California, Berkeley.

Rahul Gandhi, among other issues, attacked the Centre's demonetisation drive saying that the decision was taken without asking the Chief Economic Advisor and Parliament and added that it led to "tremendous damage". Speaking of dynastic politics, the Congress scion had remarked that "that's how the country runs".

Union Minister and party leader Smriti Irani called Rahul Gandhi a "failed dynast who chose to speak about his failed political journeys in USA".After failing to connect with the people of India, Mr Gandhi chooses a platform of convenience for berating his political opponents...The fact that he chose to belittle the PM is not surprising, in fact, it's expected.

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