Kochiite father-daughter duo comes up with micro video platform 'Noo-Gah!', is the first ever social media platform designed and owned by Malayalis

by Technology | 07-09-2021 | 1210 views

Kochi: noo-gah! becomes the first ever social media platform which has been planned, designed & executed entirely by Malayalis. Kochiite Sanjai Velayudhan and his daughter Nakshatra Sanjai have developed a new platform where users can share their opinions & views on relevant topics in a two-minute micro-video format. noo-gah! is the outcome of almost 15 months of hard work by the father-daughter duo currently residing in Bangalore.

'We want noo-gah to be the platform where people can come and speak their minds freely and fearlessly. noo-gah! is now available in India and the Middle East but will soon expand to Asia-Pacific region followed by Europe & the United States.' said the ambitious founder of noo-gah!, Sanjai. Co-founder and a student at NIFT, Nakshatra believes that the platform would be able to facilitate sustainable change. "noo-gah is here to amplify the voice of the young. It tries to break the anonymity which kills legitimacy. The important thing is to keep moving. The inflection point is when one applies new learning to new ideas" she said. The founders foresee a huge scope for the platform as it has a distinct appeal. Frivolous videos in the guise of entertainment that are uploaded on TikTok clones will be removed from noo-gah! as it strives to be a podium of meaningful interactions.


The app can be downloaded from Playstore or Appstore. After sign-up, users can choose the language and topics they prefer. Users would also be able to comment on other user's content in text or video format. noo-gah! is also the first fully gamified social media platform. This means that based on popularity of content, users can earn GEMs and climb up five tiers to become influencers in their own right.

To know more about noo-gah!- www.noo-gah.com

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