Luxury cruise liner Cordelia reaches Kochi with 1200 travellers, receives grand welcome

by Travel | 27-09-2021 | 357 views

Kochi: As luxury cruise ship Cordelia sailed into the beautiful shores of Kochi, for a stopover, hundreds of people who depend on the tourism sector for their livelihood rejoiced. The port wore a festive look and Cordelia sailed to a welcome organized by tour operators and enthusiastic people of the locality. After two years of pandemic induced lull, the tourism sector is showing signs of recovery. Besides, the government has eased the restrictions to give a boost to one of the most lucrative sectors of the state. From small scale businesses to popular tour operators who lure tourists with attractive packages, everyone was brimming with hope as Cordelia anchored in Kochi. Auto and taxi drivers have been waiting since morning after learning that the Cordelia will dock at the Kochi port. Meanwhile, sellers of antique objects and agents of resorts and hotels too were busy trying to woo the passengers of the cruise ship, promising a wonderful experience at Kochi.

The luxury liner had on board over 1200 travellers from across the country. 800 travelers de -boarded the ship for a day long on – shore sightseeing in Kochi. Cordelia had started from Mumbai on 20 September and reached Kochi on 22 September. Travellers were taken to the various spots that boast of the rich cultural heritage of the city. The passengers were divided into three groups, following the pandemic protocol and they visited Fort Kochi and Mattancherry. Boat rides in the backwaters too were arranged for those who wished to enjoy the lakes of Kerala.

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