Toddller tied to tableau for 2 hours as part of Shobha Yathra

by Kerala | 15-09-2017 | 263 views

Kannur : A toddler was seen tied to tableau as part of Sobha Yathra on 12th September. The grand procession was organized as part of Sri Krishna Jayanti and as part of the programme, BJP and RSS outfits had organized Sobha yathra in different parts of the state. The 3-year-old child, dressed up as lord Krishna, was tied to an artificial leaf fixed on a vehicle. The vehicle carried the child for over 2 hours under the scorching sun. He was tied to the tableau with a rope wrapped tightly around his waist.

The incident came to light through a Facebook post put up by Sreekanth Usha Prabhakaran, who saw this while traveling in a bus. ‘Initially, I thought it was a statue fixed on the artificial leaf, but later I noticed the child waving his hands and shaking his head,” Sreekanth wrote in his post. Adding to the seriousness of the issue, Sreekanth alleged that the childline did not respond positively to the concerned.

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