Nano EV which could be world’s smallest electric car with 300 km range

by Automotive | 01-10-2021 | 294 views

New Delhi: In what could be good news for EV lovers, Chinese carmaker Wuling HongGuang could launch what could be the cheapest electric car globally. The company has decided on the upcoming affordable four-wheeler Nano, which can be seen as inspiration from Tata Motors’ cheapest car in India.  

If reports are to be true then Wuling HongGuang’s Nano could be the smallest and cheapest electric car to go into production. A CarNewsChina report said that the Wuling Nano EV could be launched under 20,000 yuan, which are roughly equal to Rs 2.30 lakh.   

If the car is launched at such a price point, then it could be cheaper than a Maruti Alto. Moreover, Nano is going to be cheaper than the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV. The carmaker had introduced the Nano EV at the 2021 Tianjin International Auto Show.

Nano EV is a compact car that comes with only two seats. The turning radius of the four-wheeler stands at less than four meters. The car is developed for city usage where there’s a low-speed limit. 

Overall, the car’s dimensions are as follows: 2,497 mm in length, 1,526 mm in width and 1,616 mm in height. In comparison, Tata Nano was more than 3000 mm longer. 

The car is powered by a 28 kWh IP67-certified lithium-ion battery mated to a 33 PS electric motor that is said to be capable of generating a maximum torque of 85 Nm. The car offers a maximum speed of 100 kmph. The car can run for about 300 km on a single charge. Wuling HongGuang is already known for making compact and affordable electric cars. Its Mini electric car is already a success and is the second-best-selling four-wheeler. In 2020, more than 1 lakh units of Mini electric cars were sold by Wuling HongGuang, which is a part of the larger SAIC-GM-Wuling group of carmakers in China. 

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