Alligator rises out of water to snatch kid’s fish and his pole

by Entertainment | 04-10-2021 | 249 views

Sean McMahon was filming his 7-year-old son Dawson as the boy went fishing in the family’s backyard on the Palm Coast in Florida when the young boy began reeling in his catch.

‘It’s alright, buddy. Keep going,’ his dad said in the video, which was uploaded to Facebook. Within seconds, a massive alligator rushes out of the water and snatches the boy’s catch in his mouth, causing Dawson to jump back in alarm.

In his haste to leave, the alligator even took the boy’s fishing pole along with him as he turned around and receded back into the murky water.

Thankfully, neither Dawson nor the alligator were injured during the wild scene.Meanwhile, social media reactions ran the gamut from relief for the boy’s safety to awe over the wild encounter.

‘Dad didn’t seem too surprised, zoomed in pretty quick too. Luckily his kid wasn’t dragged in,’ wrote Brenda Leech.

‘One of a mothers worst nightmares,’ commented Janina Elgogo. 

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