Foresters help baby elephant reunite with mother in viral video from Tamil Nadu

by National | 08-10-2021 | 712 views

Chennai: The Forest personnel of Tamil Nadu helped a baby elephant reunite with its family few days back. After a video of the Forest personnel guiding the baby elephant in Mudumalai forest to help it reunite with its mother shared on the social media, many users praised the efforts.

The baby elephant, in the video, can be seen attentively following the forest guards in the forest. After reaching the top of a hill, the baby elephant blows a big trumpet while approaching its mother.

Sharing the video on the social media, Supriya Sahu, Principal Secretary Environment Climate Change & Forests, Tamil Nadu heaped praises on the forest personnel who were part of the effort.

Sahu wrote on Twitter, ” A kutty baby elephant was reunited with the family after rescue by TN foresters in Mudumalai. Most heartwarming indeed. Kudos Thumbs up #TNForest #elephants #mudumalai.”

The video has been viewed by over 24,300 Twitter users so far.

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