Toddler admitted to hospital sings his favourite song like a rockstar, wins hearts online

by Blog | 10-10-2021 | 396 views

New Delhi: Hospitals are a grim place and people always try to do something to elevate their mood. Sometimes doctors and nurses go to large extent to make their patients comfortable while some patients spread smiles with their positivity. 

In a viral video, a toddler in a hospital is seen singing his favourite song. The little kid looks oblivious to the settings around him or even to the fact that there is a bandage in his left arm. He holds up a spoon to his mouth like a microphone amd starts crooning to the song playing on the television. 

The toddler is named Miguel and the video is from Brazil. The song he is singing is PÉRICLES by ATÉ QUE DUROU AO VIVO). The video was posted on the social media by a Twitter handle named GoodNewsMovement. 

Miguel was suffering from gastroenteritis and was admitted to the hospital there but he could not stop himself from singing and dancing when his favorite song played on the TV. 

The video has gone viral with netizens showering love at him giving him encouragements. One user said, “Way to go!,” while another said "wow'. The 42-second video has been viewed around 8,000 times and has been doing the rounds on the internet like wild fire. 

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