Toyota Mirai sets Guinness World Record

by Automotive | 11-10-2021 | 403 views

In the automotive industry, battery electric vehicles can be seen moving steadily into the spotlight. However, Toyota has made a compelling case with its Mirai fuel cell EV. The hydrogen-powered Mirai has set a Guinness World Record for the longest distance travelled by a fuel cell vehicle without refuelling.

According to the automaker, in a tour of Southern California, the hydrogen-powered Mirai achieved a distance of 845 miles without refueling. The Mirai trumped its previous record of 623 miles set in June this year. During the world record attempt, the Mirai was driven by Wayne Gerdes and co-piloted by Bob Winger who endured a two-day trip that started on August 23 at the Toyota Technical Center (TTC) in California.

The two then travelled to San Ysidro, north to Santa Barbra, and then along the Pacific Coast Highway.

On Day 1, the drive clocked 473 miles, and the next day the pair pushed to 372 miles between Los Angeles and Orange County until the car had no hydrogen left. The Toyota Mirai achieved a total of 845 miles--creating a new world record whilst consuming 5.65kg of hydrogen. 

Toyota Mirai is a mid-size hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV) that represents one of the first FCV automobiles to be mass-produced and sold commercially. 

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