Adorable video of parrot playing with bird babies go viral on internet

by Blog | 12-10-2021 | 292 views

New Delhi: From kids to the adults, everyone likes to play peekaboo with little babies. One might even say that it's not just a game but a way of connecting with the babies. It makes them giggle and their adorable smiles are to die for. Isn’t it?

But today, the video we have for you here does not feature a human being playing peekaboo with the babies, it's actually a parrot. 

In the video, the parrot can be seen saying “peekaboo” and then ducking to hide away from the baby birds. There are three baby birds present in the video resting inside a porcelain bowl. 

Watch the video here: 

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A post shared by Neşeli Kanatlar (Cockatiels) (@neselikanatlarcockatiel)

The video went crazy viral on the social media platform after it was uploaded. Till now it has received over 265k views and hundreds of comments. The netizens have been showering the awwdorable video with love and likes. 

The video was uploaded by Neşeli Kanatlar on Instagram with the caption which reads, "Brother Cockatiel makes his brothers play games so they don't get scared."

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