General Motors Recalls their Vehicles 

by Automotive | 18-09-2017 | 1061 views

Beijing: General Motors and its joint venture partner Shanghai GM will recall more than 2.5 million vehicles in China. This move is in regards to the concerns about airbags made by troubled Japanese giant Takata. Takata has recalled about 100 million airbags produced for some of the world's largest automakers, including about 70 million in the US, because of the risk that they could improperly inflate and rupture, potentially firing deadly shrapnel at the occupants. In China, the recalls involve 37 manufacturers and more than 20 million vehicles. “China is a crucial market for leading international carmakers, where they must operate as joint ventures with local partners and this is indeed a blow to the world's largest car market” says Chinese authorities. Japanese auto parts giant Takata in February pleaded guilty to fraud for hiding the defect, and paid a $1 billion fine. The company filed for bankruptcy in June. Earlier this month, Takata's largest client, Honda, reached a $605 million settlement in a lawsuit over defective airbags in millions of cars on American roads.  Honda joined Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Mazda and Subaru in agreeing a deal to settle a lawsuit, replace the defective airbags from now-bankrupt Takata, and to compensate car owners.

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