Extradition Laws comes to the aid of Vijay Mallya

by National | 19-09-2017 | 369 views

Vijay Mallya, owner of now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines is now under formal investigation by the Serious Frauds Office (SFO) in UK. The SFO is said to have started probing the suspected illicit routing of funds through various companies in the U.K. and abroad. Indian agencies however are apprehensive that this move may delay his extradition, who has sought him for the Rs 900 Crore INR fraud case in the IDBI Bank.  The extradition rules states that the “requested country” allows extradition only when there is no pending case against the person in that country. If any such case exists extradition can happen only after that case is disposed of and, if the person gets convicted, he or she has to serve the sentence there itself. India’s extradition request is being pursued strongly by the Crown Prosecution, is pending before a UK court which had a hearing earlier this month. During the hearing, Mr. Mallya’s defence team was criticised for submitting evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service in physical, rather than in electronic, form. It would delay the proceedings. The next hearing on submission of evidence is scheduled for November 20 and the main trial is to commence on December 4.

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