Falling in love: Bride and Groom fall on stage while dancing on their wedding day

by Entertainment | 21-10-2021 | 298 views

New Delhi: No wedding is complete without a little drama and a lot of dance. You must have seen a lot of videos of the first dance of brides and grooms, but this one is truly unique. What makes this wedding special is the craziness of the people involved in it. 

In the video, the couple, dressed in beautiful attires, can be seen slow dancing together on the stage, while the crowd cheered and marvelled. The long stare into each other’s eyes and the slow dance, this wasn’t just a moment it was the vibe. 

Both, the bride and groom can be seen enjoying the groove when suddenly they fell down on their backs on the stage as the guests screamed and gasped.

“Falling in love. Not exactly the finale I had in mind. Not sure he understood the assignment! Not sure I cared. Can’t really blame him with all 5’9 of muscle + Galia Lahav weight. I just know that I had the time of my life, could not stop laughing and poor David was/still is mortified,” wrote the bride in the caption.

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The video, which has now gone viral on Instagram. Till now, it has garnered more than lakh of views and thousands of likes. 

The netizens couldn’t stop laughing over the hilarious video and many even applauded the cute couple for their fun spirit. “This will be a great memory and story for later years,” a user said. Another user commented, “My favourite!”

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