B.A Pass 2 - Review

by Entertainment | 19-09-2017 | 873 views

First and Foremost don’t go to the movie with the title or the poster as BA Pass 2 is not an erotic sequel and is devoid of anything sleazy. It is also devoid of any logic as Neha moves to Mumbai from Bhopal after her parents propose an arranged marriage for her with an NRI and she aspires to be an actor because a real estate agent tells her, "You are beautiful, you don't have a job in Mumbai so why don't you become an actor." The story revolves around Neha and the people she meets which includes a promiscuous female casting agent who lures in small boys, a typical supportive male best friend who does not hit on her and too good to be true prince charming who is the real estate agent. Every other  person in is seemingly bad, turn out to be good but are actually bad. The movie is below average

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