The Need for Humanity

by Blog | 19-09-2017 | 875 views

Let’s take a stroll through the latest news in Kerala for some time. If you take a close look it always had something to do with women abuse. The dalit rape case, the swami whose genitals has been chopped off, the politician who was allegedly sexually abusing his neighbor and the ever latest one where the famous Malayalam actress has been abducted.  The issue is always that of female abduction and abuse. The news that we hear as ‘exclusive Malayalam news’ is usually in regards to the same. Even though the literacy level of our humble state has indeed reached near cent percentage we still lack the human nature.

Our state even though is progressing well in several genres including infrastructure, finance, tourism and so on and so forth we still have a long way to go in terms of our attitude and perception of woman kind. Even though more victims show the courage to step out and actually file complains, the fact still remains that  these numbers are still increasing. There seems to be no distinction for these perverts in matters of age or geographical locations. There are near equal cases reported in cities as well as in towns. It has nearly become impossible for a girl to take a stroll in any part of Kerala after a time of 10 without being subjected to verbal abuse or visual staring.


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