Facebook name change Meta accused of copying app’s logo

by Technology | 01-11-2021 | 185 views

New Delhi: Facebook, the social networking giant, has announced a rebranding and a new company name – Meta. During the company's Oculus Connect event, the new name was revealed.

Along with a new name, the corporation unveiled a new logo. While the name change was met with trolls from both users and other companies, Facebook's new logo may now cause serious concerns.

"M-sense Migräne," a Berlin-based migraine app developed by Newsenselab, has poked fun at Meta, as the social media giant's logo appears to be largely inspired by the migraine app. M-sense Migräne is a German health firm that provides migraine and headache sufferers with digital therapy programmes. It was created in February 2016 by Newsenselab. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store both have the app. On the Play Store, it has received over 5,000 downloads.

“We are very honoured that @facebook felt inspired by the logo of our migraine app - maybe they’ll get inspired by our data privacy procedures as well,” said the company in a tweet. In response to a question on Facebook's privacy policies, one user stated that the company's policies are a huge headache.

M-sense also poked fun at Mark Zuckerberg, advising him to use their app to ease the rebranding-related migraine.

Fortunately for Facebook, it appears that M-sense will not pursue legal action against the company. In a reply to another user, the company said, “We didn’t say they stole it - we said we feel honoured to have them inspired.”

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