Night Shopping to be made practical in Trivandrum

by Travel | 21-09-2017 | 5351 views

Thiruvananthapuram: The capital city of Kerala has witnessed many lifestyle changes over the last decade but the one unchanged criteria is the 10 am to 8 pm shopping culture. You are greeted by closed shutters if you visit the streets and commercial zones after  9 pm. This however is expected to change with inauguration of the currently under construction and proposed malls open. A month ago, Trivandrum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) had recommended night-time shopping at a seminar which was organized in association with the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR).  The influx of IT sector has changed the culture of the city to a great extent and with the introduction of the malls; a paradigm shift in the city’s night life can be expected. The city police are prepared to handle the night-shopping scenario, if it becomes a reality. But, they are skeptical about its implementation since the people still hesitate to go outside after 9 pm.

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