Tips for Asthma patients to enjoy a safe Diwali

by Health | 03-11-2021 | 402 views

New Delhi: Festival of lights-Diwali, is just around the corner. While the festival marks the victory of good over evil, people often end up bursting crackers to celebrate, leading to a sudden spike in air and noise pollution levels in the environment. Many celebrities, politicians, and activists have been advocating ‘Green Diwali’ to enjoy festivities to the maximum without any negative repercussions.

Diwali can particularly be stressful for people suffering from Asthma and other respiratory diseases. Toxic fumes from fireworks raise the particulate matter content in the air above the permissible limits and can increase the risk of complexities for people with respiratory diseases.

Dr Anshu Punjabi, Consultant-Pulmonologist and Sleep Medicine Expert, Fortis Hospital, Mulund shares what you should do to protect yourself during the rise in Air Pollution levels during Diwali festivities.

1) Avoid going out :

Avoid going out and bursting crackers. The smoke released from the crackers contains adulterants like carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. These harmful substances can spark asthma. Keep your room smoke free. Try to stay indoors with the air condition on, if possible, to avoid feeling too suffocated.

2) Wear a face mask :

In case you need to step out, wear a face mask. Consider wearing an anti-pollution face mask that can prevent fumes from making their way into the respiratory system.

3) Eat Healthy Food And Drink Water :

Although Diwali is all about delicious food and sweets, do watch your oil and sweet intake. Eat nutritional food comprising fruits and vegetables. This may help you improve your overall health. Drink an ample amount of water to stay hydrated and prevent hyperacidity. Before you go to bed, drink a mug of warm water. This will prop digestion and help clear the adulterants from the respiratory system. 

4) Keep your inhaler nearby :

People with pre-existing respiratory conditions must keep their emergency drugs, nebulizers and other medicines handy at all times. Make sure that you take all your medicines, on time.

5) Inhale Steam :

Inhale steam whenever you feel uneasy. You can also place a hot water bag on your reverse and casket if you're suffering from irregular breathing. These remedies will give relief from respiratory issues.

6)Do not do dusting yourself :

Nearly everyone cleans their house before Diwali. You must stay down from the house-cleaning process if you have respiratory problems as dust can spark breathing problems.

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