Indian curriculum schools in UAE declare Diwali holiday

by Gulf | 03-11-2021 | 459 views

Dubai: Several Indian curriculum schools in the UAE have declared a one or two-day holiday to commemorate Diwali, the traditional Indian festivals of lights.

GEMS Modern Academy stands out with the declaration of a three-day holiday beginning today right up to Thursday and followed by a two-day weekend. In effect, GMA students are on a five-day extended Diwali weekend.

Students from leading schools such as the Indian High School, Amity High School and some other Indian curriculum schools in the GEMS Education stable said they will be availing a holiday on November 3 and 4, the two days of Diwali. This will mean they will be able to enjoy an extended four-day leave as the weekend follows the two-day closure.

Traditionally schools like IHS have always declared Diwali a holiday.


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