Declining Values of the Indian Constitution

by Blog | 22-09-2017 | 1052 views

The biggest democratic nation in the world was the envy of most nations not because of our visual beauty but due to our cultural beauty. Unity in diversity had no better example than the southern sub-continent of India. We had residents ranging from different origins and background each following their own way of life and India conquered the stars not comprising of individuals from a singular community or belief but with harmony and accord of all. Our downfall had begun in just the past decade and it took just nearly 60 odd years after independence for the arrogance and atrocity of the rulers to finally seep in to the le man through their wicked channels. We had seen several examples of political and religious leaders exerting their influence on the common man and it always had disastrous results. The claims of betterment for the people have been blemished by their stand and soiled the institution or organization they stood for. The clear example can be seen when we waved off any help to the Rohingyans, the same nation that was applauded by the UNO for our assistance to the Tibet during yester years. Any betterment we may gain as a nation should never be at the cost of our rich cultural heritage.

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