Kingsman 2 – The Review

by Entertainment | 23-09-2017 | 831 views

Kingsman 2 starts off where the first movie began and now they face a new challenge. The movie has an array of cast which could have been used a bit better in my opinion. The stars of the movie continue to be Eggsy (Taron), Harry (Collin) and Merlin (Mark) and the plot revolves around their joint association with the ‘Statesmen’ lead by Champagne (Jeff) and also involves Tequila (Channing), Whisky (Pedro) and Ginger (Halle). The movie takes on a larger than life scheme and hard to digest violent scenes that are not for everybody. Of course the highlight of the movie besides the plot execution is the action sequence. Two years later, people still talk about the fight scene at the church and this time the makers delighted us with even more stunts of the same.


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