The Political Influence

by Blog | 23-09-2017 | 887 views

It comes as no surprise when we say that those seated on top of the political chair holds a certain power and influence in all fields. I can say with near cent percent assuredly that no one holding a reputable post in politics has been flawless. Even if it is to help a loved one or set a wrong right, they have indeed done something under handed or even corrupt. Needless to say that when the higher-ups get involved the power that can be utilized by the local authorities gets minimized. The cases that are still left unsolved are mainly due to this exact thing, whether they be a meager case of fine or even that of murder. The right influence can get you free from the clutches of law. The Indian constitution was laid to protect the people and uphold justice under any means. The same constitution is now being twisted and turned to fill in the pockets of those who are to vindicate the same. I point out to no 1 political regime, every party even though their core beliefs differ in one way or another still ends up extorting and taking bribes to raise their political agenda. I strongly believe that the time of India taking pride as the largest democratic nation in the world is long gone.



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