Celebrating 60 years of melodious singing of Yesudas

by Entertainment | 14-11-2021 | 368 views

Kochi: It has been 60 long years since singer K J Yesudas started his career as a playback singer. Keralites listened to his sweet voice for the first time through the song 'Jathibhedam Mathadwesham Ethumillathe Sarvarum' of the film 'Kalppadukal' on November 14, 1961. Since then, Yesudas has been a household name for Keralites.

Years ago, noted music composer MB Sreenivasan arrived in Kerala as part of discussions regarding music. Then a young singer approached him for chance. He sung a film ghazal 'Saranga Teri Yaad Me' before MBS. He was impressed and asked the young man to sing a Carnatic song.

The youngster went on singing 'Brovabharama Raghurama' in Bahudari Raga. MBS was stunned by his talent. However, the newcomer did not stop there and continued singing another Carnatic music in Shanmughapriya Raga. The renowned composer was speechless before his exceptional voice.

After this, MBS gave the man a chance to sing four lines written by Sree Narayana Guru, for the movie 'Kalppadukal'. The song was recorded at Bharani Studio in Chennai on November 14, 1961. Everyone who were present at the studio were excited as it was the rise of a new star in playback singing.

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