Mystery deepens in ex-Miss Kerala car crash death : CCTV footages not found, police gather 4 possible reasons

by Kerala | 15-11-2021 | 451 views

Kochi: Kochi City police are trying to rule out ambiguities in the case of an accident that killed former Miss Kerala and two others. There are many plots circulating about the accident that took place on the night of November 1. The CCTV footages of the night party that was held at 'No 18' hotel in Fort Kochi are crucial to understand the chain of events that went down on the night of the accident. Police have not yet found the footage that has been hidden by the hotel owners.

The preliminary analysis was that the car drove into the median on the bypass at high speed and met with the accident. The mishap took place at the bypass between Vyttila and Palarivattom, near the Holiday Inn hotel at around 1.30 am.

2019 Miss Kerala Ansi Kabeer (25), runner-up Anjana Shajan (26), and their friend K A Muhammed Ashiq (25) were killed in the tragic accident. Ansi and Anjana were killed on the spot, Ashik was admitted to Ernakulam Medical Centre Hospital and later succumbed to injuries.

It was later found that the man who had been driving their car was intoxicated. When the police found out that the four-member gang had left from 'No.18' hotel after a night party, they got suspicious as to whether they might have used drugs. It is on receiving this information that the police arrived at the hotel to check the CCTV footage. However, the hotel owners had taken away the DVR with the CCTV visuals of the hall where the DJ party took place and the parking area. That is when it became clear that many facts were being hidden.

4 possible reasons :

It has been found that the car was overspeeding and was followed by an Audi car. There are four possibilities that are being reviewed by the police right now.

The first is racing. The Aroor-Edappally NH is a common spot for racing. Most of the racings that take place on this highway are often after night parties.

The second one is that some people often follow women and scare them.This might be due to certain clashes or incidents that might have taken place during the party. These kind of people might try and frighten these women by following them around.

The third is that the Audi car followed Ansi's car on the direction of the hotel owner.It has also been found that the hotel owner and the driver of the Audi had spoken on the phone.

The fourth one is the reason stated by the driver of the Audi carthat they followed Ansi's car to warn them about driving under the influence of alcohol. The police have stated that they ruled out this excuse outrightly when they heard it.

Footage of parking area and party hall :

It is suspicious that the hotel owners took away the DVR with the CCTV visuals of only the hall and the parking area. It is viewed as an attempt to hide things that happened in the hall and in the parking area to chase Ansi's car. The hotel owner will have to give answers to all these questions. Although the statement is that the visuals were destroyed, the police have not believed this.

Considering the time that Ansi and others left the hotel in Fort Kochi and the fact that the car was going at high speed, they had supposedly arrived near the accident spot in Palarivattom rather late. Both cars are suspected to have stopped between and both parties are said to have conversed with each other about something. Police also doubt whether they were arguing.

Questioning of three people crucial :

Abdul Rahman, who drove the car that met with the accident is now on remand. He will be taken into custody for questioning. Although the hotel owner was given the notice to appear for questioning, he is yet to present himself.

The driver of the Audi car that followed them is Saiju. He was questioned yesterday. Police expect to gain more clarity over the state of things by questioning all three of them in detail again.

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