Blunder Maliha Lodhi - from Pakistan

by Politics | 25-09-2017 | 3179 views

In what can only be described as a ‘comedy of errors’, Pakistan diplomat – Maliha Lodhi became a laughing stock over night. Miss Lodhi criticized India for having a hunter's nature and also acclaimed the act of violence produced in Jammu & Kashmir, this was following the presentation of Sushama Swaraj, the foreign minister of India who criticized Pakistan for cultivating terrorists and bringing up everyone in a violent environment. To make up for her lost pride, Lodhi had produced an image of a woman covered in bruises and claimed that it was photo taken in Jammu & Kashmir and that it was a common sight in the nation of India. What Lodhi, a renowned academician and military strategist failed to realize is that the picture was actually taken in Ghaza following a pellet shoot out. 

The photo was produced to make a statement against India but whether a military strategist was unaware of the origin of such a picture seems to be farfetched and highly unlikely. In an attempt to defame the world’s largest democratic nation she had only dug her own grave and sent Pakistan spiraling down even further in the eyes of the UN nations. Blunders kept piling upon and in all honesty a bit embarrassing to watch. Pakistan needs to do a lot more than produce a fake image to bring down the reputation India holds in the UN as well as all over the globe.

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