Miss kerala death: Hotel owner arrested for destroying evidence

by Kerala | 17-11-2021 | 471 views

Kochi: Hotel owner Roy Joseph Vayalat was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the probe into the accident and death of three persons, including models Ansi Kabeer and Anjana Shajan.

Vayalat, who owns "No 18 hotel" at Fort Kochi and five members of his hotel staff were taken into custody for allegedly destroying digital evidence in connection with the probe into the deaths that occurred on the night of November 1.

The victims had attended a programme at the hotel before the car they were travelling in crashed. Vayalat and staff were being questioned since Tuesday.It is alleged that Roy directed the staff to destroy the digital evidence, including CCTV visuals of the event that was attended by Ansi and Anjana.

On Tuesday, Vayalat had produced the digital video record (DVR) of the CCTV cameras installed at the party hall and parking area of the hotel. He was questioned for nearly 11 hours. Thiruvananthapuram-native Ansi and her friend Anjana, who was from Thrissur were killed on the road after their speeding car met with an accident at 1 am on November 1 in Kochi.

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