Tesla car owners report server-related issues, complain of getting locked out of vehicles

by Automotive | 21-11-2021 | 375 views

Some Tesla owners reported on social media platforms that they were locked out from their vehicles and further experienced a server-related fault in their company's phone app. Drivers became impatient as they could not use their Tesla app to unlock or start their electric cars. After Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk came to know about the issue, the disruption was repaired within hours.

The automobiles of the Tesla company are equipped with edge-cutting technology, wherein one feature enables the user's car to operate using a smartphone. This effectively makes the need for keys to be insignificant. Yet, they might be needed until a server fault occurs. Further, drivers from all across the United States, Denmark, Germany, as well as the United Kingdom reported the difficulties they are facing while using the Tesla app, indicating that the problem occurred globally. 

Elon Musk's response to the complaints :

Following a complaint report, Elon Musk has personally replied to a driver from South Korea, writing on Twitter, "Checking." As per BBC, Musk later stated that the Tesla app was again returning online. Tesla's CEO, tweeted late Friday night that the issues were being fixed and claimed that the problem was due to network load. In the tweet, he has written, 'Should be coming back online now. Looks like we may have accidentally increased verbosity of network traffic.' He even apologised and wrote, 'we will take measures to ensure this doesn't happen again.'

500 Tesla car owners complained about the app error :

Furthermore, a huge number of complaints were seen on social media. As per the outage tracking site DownDetector, roughly 500 users had reported a problem on the app around 16:40 ET (21:40 GMT) on Friday. There were slightly over 60 complaints of an issue five hours later

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