SUV plows into Christmas parade in Milwaukee, more than 20 injured

by International | 22-11-2021 | 2968 views

Waukesha: An SUV driver sped through a police line and into a parade of Christmas marchers on Sunday, hitting more than 20 adults and children in a horrifying scene captured by the city's livestream and the cellphones of onlookers.

Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said "some" people had been killed but would not give an exact number. A person was in custody, he said, but did not give any indication of a motive. One video shows a woman screaming, "Oh my God!" repeatedly after a group of girls wearing Santa hats and dancing with white pompoms is struck.

Another shows the SUV ploughing into members of a marching band, their music replaced with terrified screams Fire Chief Steven Howard said 11 adults and 12 children were injured and transported to hospitals by his department. It was unknown how many others injured were taken to hospitals by others.

Police also had custody of the vehicle, Thompson said. The investigation was ongoing. As the SUV broke through barricades, a Waukesha police officer fired his gun in an attempt to stop the vehicle, Thompson said. No bystanders were injured and Thompson said he did not know if the driver was struck by the officer's bullets.

One video shows the moment the SUV broke through the barricades and the sound of what appears to be several gunshots. The video was taken when the pompom dancers got struck ends with a group of people tending to one of the girls who are on the ground.

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