CI has political support; DYFI leaders were present in station, alleges Mofiya's mother

by Kerala | 25-11-2021 | 427 views

Aluva: The mother of Mofiya Praveen, the law student who ended life, has come up with fresh allegations against CI Sudheer. Farisa, mother of Mofiya, said that the CI continues in service with political support and that Mofiya's husband Suhail had come to the police station with a DYFI leader.

"Mofiya had said that a DYFI leader was with Suhail and his family. They depicted Mofiya as a mental patient and took her to a doctor. But the doctor said that it was her husband who needs counselling. Though she was hopeful that everything will be okay, she was heartbroken after he decided to divorce her. We learnt that he will marry some other girl in three months. Mofiya had requested him not to leave her," Farisa said.

"My daughter had a lot of dreams. The CI who is responsible for her death should be terminated. There is no point in just transferring or suspending him," she added. Edayappuram native Mofiya Parveen had committed suicide on Monday at her residence. She was daughter of K Dilshad and Farisa. The suicide note accusing husband, his family and Aluva CI CL Sudheer was obtained from the spot. Mofiya's family has alleged that CI Sudheer had insulted Mofiya when she went to the police station to lodge a complaint.

Mofiya married Irumalappady native Muhammad Suhail on April 3, 2021 and the reception was planned in January 2022. After marriage, Suhail's family took Mofiya to Kothamangalam. But she returned soon and informed her family about the mental and physical ordeals she had to go through at her husband's house. Suhail had also pronounced talaq against her.

One month ago, Mofiya had filed a complaint against Suhail and family with the Aluva rural SP. Later, the two families had a compromise talk in the presence of CI Sudheer. Amid the talk, CI had threatened and insulted Mofiya, said her family.

The family cited that Mofiya was disheartened after facing insults from the police officer in front of her husband's family and this instigated her to commit suicide. After returning from the police station, Mofiya said she wanted to sit alone and went to her room. She did not open the door when her parents called her. Later, she was spotted hanging in her bedroom. Mofiya was a third year LLB student at Al Azhar college in Thodupuzha.

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