The Sultan Surprise

by Blog | 27-09-2017 | 986 views

‘Treatment deserving a king’, that phrase could not have been any more applicable than now when the king of Sharjah made his way to Kerala. The exclusive news of the state was regarding his arrival and the routines he follows. It is safe to say that us Keralians have not forgotten the ‘Adhiti devo bhava’ manthra that we are renowned for and something else that could be said with near cent percentage accuracy is that the Sultan will definitely let his group circle know that Kerala is indeed ‘God’s own Country’. This is mainly true because the king was only exposed to Kerala’s riches, tasted only our best cuisine and interacted with the highest levels in the society. He didn’t see the under belly, the starving children and the corruption at every nook and corner. The idea was to show him a good time and not an honest one. We proved time after time again that we can indeed make anyone’s stay in our state a pleasant one but it always comes at the cost of the resident’s displeasure. The traffic regulations have been enforced to the strictest of levels and have made life for the commuters really hard. Let’s hope we the people get a fraction of the good treatment our eminent guests receive.

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