PSG outshine Bayern

by Sports | 28-09-2017 | 665 views

Paris : It was only match day 2 but there were matches worthy of being in the semifinals. How often do the expected winners of Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga square off.  The Bavarians travelled to Paris only to have been out played by the new Paris Saint Germain side who secured a lead in the 2nd minute when Neymar magnetized the ball and few defenders towards him so as to free up Dani Alves in the right side who slotted past the replacement goalie for Neuer. The second one came when Mbappe placed the ball into the feat of Cavani who adjusted his run and trajectory to find the net all before half time. The third came in a scrimmage of sorts when Neymar was in the right place to shoot the final goal. It is almost frightening to see this new Paris side who were not defensively strong and on several occasions in the first half, the entire defence was managed by just Thiago Silva.

Bayern themselves were not in their tactical best which is a surprise considering it is none other than Carlos Ancelloti sitting at their helm. He chose to start with 2 slow center backs and opted for an out of form Mulller over the ever dangerous Robben. Bayern in the second half had crosses coming in from left and right with no real connection to any of them. Even though PSG goal keeper, Alphonse Areola had few saves to his name, none of it was worth mentioning. PSG have built this team solely for securing the UEFA title and in all fairness their odds of winning have indeed sky rocketed.

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