Engine breaks up on Air France, forcing emergency landing

by International | 01-10-2017 | 616 views

France : An Air France A380 super jumbo jetliner taking more than 500 people from Paris to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Canada on Saturday following "serious damage" to one of its four engines, the airline said. "Flight 066 landed without further damage at the Goose Bay military airport in Canada and all of the 520 people on board were evacuated with no injuries," an Air France spokesman in Paris said.

The landing went off with no problems for the jetliner carrying 496 passengers and 24 crew members, the spokesman said. The airline was exploring options to get the passengers to the US. Video and photo images posted on social media, apparently by passengers or their relatives, showed extensive damage to the front of the the outer starboard engine, with part of its external cowling stripped away. 

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