German man poisones baby food in store, arrested

by International | 02-10-2017 | 597 views

Europe : A 53-year-old German man has admitted to poisoning baby food and threatening to contaminate other products in stores across Europe, as part of a presumed blackmail plot, authorities said. Arrest of the suspect decribed as “mentally disturbed”, came after German police alerted the public earlier in the week, saying a blackmailer was demanding millions of euros in cash.

To press the demand, the suspect allegedly poisoned five baby food products and alerted police to the store where they were placed in the southern city of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance.

He was arrested after authorities released surveillance footage of the man, whom they earlier described as aged 55, wearing glasses and a white cap.The baby food- which had been laced with ethylene glycol, a chemical found in anti-freeze and brake fluid was found and removed. But a nationwide appeal for information was launched on the suspect and a warning issued about potential for other food contamination.

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