Banned gas Sarin in Syria attack : UN

by International | 02-07-2017 | 485 views

According to UN chemical watchdog's report, banned nerve agent Sarin was used in April's chemical attack in Syria, which killed at least 100 paople and injured 300 others. A report by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) also found that hexamine- a known component of the Syrian regime'sstockpiles was contained in samples taken from the scene and from the blood and urine of victims.

While not attributing blame, the reports finding that the contamination spread from a hole in the road is significant. The account matches that of victims and witnesses, who had said the sarin spread from arocket, or shell, fired from a Syriaan jet that had circled above the rebel held town shortly after 6:30 am on April 4.

Russia's Foreign Ministry has said the OPCW report was 'biased' and based in 'doubtful evidence'.

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