The change in Men

by Blog | 05-10-2017 | 676 views

They say that the only thing needed to get people arguing is the simplest division of opinion. Let’s scale that few notches up when a reputed Malayalam actor was jailed for the attempted contract for hiring a thug to sexually abuse a fellow actress and video shoot the whole incident. Of course the state of Kerala has been continuously witnessing the progress of this event and the latest episode of this fiasco sprouted when the actor was awarded bail after 85 days in prison. The alarms were sound and discussions were waged on all media. The latest news in Kerala was about the same and the exclusive news was about the actor’s next movements. Sides were picked and photos and tweets were shared. The focus of my attention was on a particular organization that decided to act first 85 days ago by removing the said actor as their president and one day after he was given bail, the current president who is also a producer for various movies spoke to the public saying that he was merely standing in place for the actor because who could not perform his duties from his current locations. Yes, it is indeed very hard to perform presidential duties to a producer’s group while being imprisoned. My allegiance lies not with the actor or the actress. It lies with justice. If he has done crime then he should be punished without any remorse but if found free, everyone who voiced their anger should indeed apologize.

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