Spyder – Review  

by Entertainment | 06-10-2017 | 776 views

If you can look past the technical fallacies and the improbability of certain events, the movie had an outright good story and the right characters to pull it off. Of course I do not speak about Mahesh Babu who was absolutely terrible in his performance when compared to everyone else around him. The movie had an excellent script and a brilliant plot to make it to the block buster level but the expressionless acting of the hero and the scenes that were congested into the movie to make the normal human, a gift of GOD ruined it. Don’t even get me started on the ideologies of the hero where he hopes to make a perfect world and change it one step at a time and the lengths he was going to cross to succeed in this impossible feat. The movie can be watched for the story and the undoubted great performance of the villain. I would rate it 2/5 but a better hero and less tweaked up style quotients would have undoubtedly made the movie the biggest block buster of the year 2017.

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