No Glory in Fame

by Blog | 06-10-2017 | 506 views

A hero’s welcome is something the le man dreams about, where his people welcome him with open arms and greetings for the outstanding contributions that he has done in which ever field or genre. It can even be after a valiant fight of standing up to corruption and injustice of the government where he was locked up and inevitably released, no this is not a movie script but an ideal situation for where someone gets welcomed with fireworks and cheers from all sides. Very recently I saw a very similar incident except the condition was a bit different. The one released was not a freedom fighter or a social activist but an accused of orchestrating a gang rape on one of his colleagues.

I want to make something clear first hand that I do not pick either sides as of now, once the investigation is over and the final verdict has been given, then we can start pelting stones or jeering against the accused. In our nation a man is innocent until proven guilty but having said that there is no need for someone to be received from prison with such decorations. The fact that we have gone ahead and performed such tasks for an accused shows our stupidity.

Showering someone with accolades for the sake of sycophancy and adulation seems too monotonous. The unyielding hypocrisy of the masses to revere someone just for the sake of false sympathy even after dragging his name through the mud time after time and at every possible juncture is stupefying. Glorifying a crime and its possible perpetrators is not the right steps to be followed.

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