Jay Shah sues the Wire

by Business | 09-10-2017 | 629 views

Ahmedabad: Son of BJP President Amit Shah, Jay Shah has filled a case for criminal defamation and decided to sue 'thewire.in', a news portal for writing an article titled 'The Golden Touch of Jay Amit Shah’ where he was criticized saying that that his business owes its 'success' to his father Shri Amitbhai Shah's political position.  In a press statement issued hours after news portal released the story, Jay Shah said:

"Today morning, a news website The Wire titled the 'The Golden Touch of Jay Amit Shah" authored by Ms Rohini Singh. The editor of the website is Mr Siddharth Varadarajan."The article makes false, derogatory and defamatory imputation against me by creating in the minds of right-thinking people an impression that his business owes its 'success' to my father Shri Amitbhai Shah's political position. I had taken loan either from NBFC or Non-funded Credit Facilities from cooperative banks on purely commercial terms strictly in accordance with law. I have repaid the loans by cheque on commercial rate of interest and within the time stipulated. I have mortgaged my family property with the cooperative bank to get the credit facilities. I had nothing to hide. Since the website has proceeded in making an absolutely false imputation in a highly slanted article thereby damaging my reputation, I have decided to prosecute the Author, Editor/(s) and the Owner/(s) of the aforesaid news website for criminal defamation and sue them for an amount of Rs 100 crores”

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