Love Jihad Conversions on a rise

by Kerala | 11-10-2017 | 851 views

New Delhi: Two Kerala women both named Athira, with different surnames have deposed before the National Investigation Agency (NIA) stating that they were induced and brainwashed to convert to Islam. The women in their statements said that they were provided literature and audio-video materials relating to hard line interpretations of the religion and subsequently brainwashed to embrace Islam. Athira, who returned to Hinduism, submitted before the HC that she was a victim of love jihad and was taken to Sathya Sarani, an institution for converting persons to Islam and recruiting them to IS.

The women, however, said that they were not married as yet even after conversion to Islam. The agency has sought a list of those who converted their faith since 2015 and subsequently entered into marriage with Muslims from the Kerala Police. The police so far furnished a list of 90 such conversions where girls were allegedly converted to Islam. The pattern points towards inducements and psychological brainwashing by certain radical groups, sources said. Christian  Help Line of Kochi, submitted that more than 1,500 Christian girls were converted to Islam through ‘love jihad’ till date. It was confirmed that more than five Christians were sent to Syria to join the IS.

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