Groom walks out from marriage over brides demand to drive car

by Gulf | 12-10-2017 | 490 views

Saudi Arabia : When Saudi Arabia announced that women will be allowed to drive vehicles, the decision was hailed as a historic move but looks like not many people are happy with it. Recently, a groom walked out of his wedding after the bride’s father put a condition that his daughter will drive once the ban is lifted.

During the wedding ceremony, the father demanded that his daughter will be allowed to drive when the ban on women driving is lifted in June 2018. The groom, Who had accepted two other conditions, was stunned with the additional demand.

Earlier, he had paid a dowry of 40,000 riyals ($10,666)and even allowed his wife-to-be to work after marriage. However, the last minute demand about letting her drive was rejected by the groom and he walked out of the ceremony.

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