Carrot weighs 10kg; worlds heaviest carrot record

by Entertainment | 12-10-2017 | 537 views

Giant veg gardener Christopher Qualley Otsego, Minnesota USA managed to grow a record-smashing carrot the Second time. The carrot weighs 10.17kg (22.44 lb), we officially crowned the world’s Heaviest carrot earlier this week.

“Yes-that was my goal. I think everyone that grows gaint fruits and veggies has a dream in the back of their mind to set a world record and I was lucky enough to have a dream come true.” Said Christopher.

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Chris’s carrot was flagged to Guinness World Records by lan Paton, the president of the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth. While the GPC does not yet monitor records for carrots itself, Ian Paton confirmed that the carrot was weighed using the same guidelines that are used for other GPC vegetable records.

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