Earthquake in South Korea

by International | 13-10-2017 | 355 views

Seoul: A 2.9-magnitude shallow earthquake struck Pyongyang, South Korea. This earthquake was just weeks after Pyongyang's biggest detonation but experts claim that the tremor was by no means man made. The tremor is also believed to have caused no damage. A US agency had the following remarks “This event occurred in the area of the previous North Korean nuclear tests. The event has earthquake-like characteristics, however, we cannot conclusively confirm at this time the nature (natural or human-made) of the event.” However the Korea Meteorological Administration’s analysis showed that it was a natural quake. Another fact that supports the theory of natural earthquake is that the strength of today's quake was much lower than the tremors registered during any of North Korea's previous nuclear tests, including its first detonation in 2006, which triggered a 4.1-magnitude quake.

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