Rahul Gandhi will soon take over as party chief- Sonia Gandhi

by Politics | 14-10-2017 | 668 views

Congress president Sonia Gandhi told that her son Rahul Gandhi will soon take over as party chief. “You have been asking this for many years and it’s now happening,” Sonia Gandhi said smiling, pointing at Rahul Gandhi. She was speaking after the launch of former President Pranab Mukherjee’s autobiography.

Rahul Gandhi, however, refused to be drawn in to the subject of his takeover as Congress president and deflected questions by referring to a controversy over BJP president Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah. What about Jay Shah’s takeover and his huge increase in his turnover, he commented.

Rahul Gandhi is set to take over as Congress chief from his mother after Diwali, sources have said, with the party now wrapping up an elaborate process of electing state chiefs, members of central bodies and the president.

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